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Support of cryptomatte pass

Hello, could it be possible for prism to officially suppor the cryptomatte pass ?

it seem to have some difficult when importing it for exemple :

prism import :


when the name of the file was :

Bilby_Character_v0002_cryptomatte.0001.cryptomatte.exr (produced using prism render export and redshift)


and maybe spawn a cryptomatte node instead of shuffle in nuke ?

thanks !

Why the hell does Redshift handle the filepath of cryptomatte differently than for other AOVs?

I just added a special handling for cryptomatte in the render state so the output name has now the same structure as other AOVs. I also changed the "shuffle" node to a "cryptomatte" node in the Nuke layout when "cryptomatte" is in the filename.

Prism uses the $AOV variable in the outputpath of cryptomatte now. In the Redshift forums the support mentioned a Houdini bug, that underscores could disappear before or after this variable. For me it works fine, but if someone recognizes any problems with this let me know.

Thanks for the fix, I'll probably ask for another feature for the aov and the use of altus denoiser command line to denoise a render!

I had a look at altus a few years ago when it was just released. But since then there were so many other denoising tools released and I haven't heard anything from altus for some time. But if it's still a good and used denoiser I'd be happy to support it in Prism.