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State Manager suggestions

Hello Richard!

I have a couple of suggestions on the state manager :

  • It would be cool to have the ability to select several states to be able to modify them all at the same time, I'm thinking of :
    • updating
    • deleting
    • Changing the Enable / Disable export checkbox
  • When creating a new state, in the Import Task Window, it could be cool to keep the path where you imported the last state, for now, we have to browse back several times to the same location, it's a bit annoying when you have a lot of imports to do (we sometimes have 20 imports states)

What do you think about that?

As usual, thanks a lot for your amazing work,



Very good points. I haven't thought about the second point before, but that's a great idea. In the next bigger State Manager update I'm sure I can address that.



Super cool!