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State Manager - Importing recursive references

TL;DR: Importing with State Manager flattens references.

Looking for behavior more akin to the reference editor's 'import Objects from reference'

Hey all,

I'd like to preface my issue with a bit of context.

I'm figuring out a workflow to go from layout to animation. The layout scene consists of rigs, blocked out environment, and some staging animation.

I'd like to be able to export two files with the state manager, an environment file, and a character+props file.

My wish is that creating an animation scene is as simple as importing the env, char and camera files and it's ready to go. (Specifically, one would reference the environment, and import the character+props file, referencing it prevents editing / deleting the staging keys set in layout).

My problem is this, importing the character file with the state manager flattens all references, unlike importing from the reference editor, which preserves the rigs references within the character file.

This could count as a feature request because fully fixing this problem would mean we see recursive references in the State Manager, but a short term solution that doesn't flatten references would be already a huge relief for this kind of scene management.

Take care,




Maya 2020.1


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