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Shotgun Task do not synch in Prism

Hi! First of all, thank's you for this really helpfull tools! 😀

I am trying to synch Shotgun shots to Prism, and it worked for sequences and shot but the shotgun tasks don't seem to be synchronised...
When I want to publish a playblast for example in SG, Prism don't allow me to choose one of the SG tasks, It will create his own task instead.

Is there any way to synch SG tasks to Prism?

Thank you again! You rock!!!


Prism tasks are independent from the Shotgun tasks. When you create a playblast through the State Manager you can enter any taskname you want. When you rightclick on the mediapreview in the Project Browser and want to publish the playblast to Shotgun, you can select to which Shotgun task you want to publish the playblast.

Does it make sense? Feel free to propose a different workflow.