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Shotgrid api key question

Hello!  Quick question - our IT folks are a little apprehensive about putting the shotgrid API key in such an easily accessed field in prefs since we are using shotgrid for a more complex file storage and cloud stuff, and not just project management - so in a way, the api key would be a possible part of the "keys to the kingdom."  Or so they say - they are overly paranoid and hey, I guess that's their job.

where is the eyeroll emoji?  le sigh.

Is there any way to custom inject that api key somewhere a little less accessible than a gui window?  I'm not sure that putting it into python scripts directly somehow would satisfy the IT requirements, but maybe?  Or maybe there's some way to encrypt it?    ???

Thought I'd ask to see if anyone has an idea that could help me get this one past the goalie.


Hey @jbills

I can totally understand your IT guys. Especially in bigger teams it's not a good practice to keep the api key too open.

I could hide the API key easily from the GUI in the next Prism update, but it's still saved unencrypted in the Prism userpreferences .yml file.

Currently there is a completely new Shotgrid plugin in development, which connects Shotgrid much tighter into Prism and makes it much easier to work with. Also this plugin will keep any sensitive information like API keys secure in an encrypted location. This plugin will work with Prism 2+ only though and it's not planned to backport it for Prism 1.3.

If you need to encrypt the api keys in Prism 1.3 you can have a look at the Prism python code and modify it to your needs. I can point you to the location in the code where the api key gets loaded and saved so that you can add some kind of encryption to that.


Thanks, hiding it in the gui might be helpful and could make sense for others.

I might mention that and also the idea of injecting it with some sort of python to the folks here - thanks for the ideas.  Will bounce it off of our pipeline person and try to make them see how much time your efforts would save us if I could get this in place! We have a pretty good custom pipeline for Maya and Max, but they haven't shown me much love here in the comp dept, so I like that Prism could be a drag/drop solution to get my side of the pipe more organized.  Tired of files being named wrong, and not having a script to update Loaders in Fusion based on Shotgrid info.

Cool to hear about the new Shotgrid plugin that you're working on!  Will watch for that in the future.  If you need a beta tester, you know who to talk to!  🙂   I had written an email about access to 2.0 since I was interested in the Resolve plugin (would really love it if Resolve could fill the "Heiro" role and create/organize shots based on the edit + publish to shotgrid without having to do the painful "import cut" dance that we currently have in place).  Think about it - I'd install at home here just to test with even if I end up not being able to install at work.