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Separate render folder

Hi Richard, we are loving Prism and would love to see it improve, a couple of features we think would benefit greatly the plataform are:

  1. The ability to assign a direction outside the main folder which mirrors the mainn folder structure but is solely devoted to renders, this way it would be much much easier to package and backup folders.
  2. the ability to define a template for when creating a shot or an asset, right now is easy enough to add a couple of forlders directly on your code, but having an external file defining the folders thah compose an asset culd be very benefitial.
  3. Lastly, this is not a request but rather a question, are there plans to get a Blender-Linux plugin?

Thanks a los for all your effort, we really appreciate it.

First of all thanks for the feedback. I'm always happy to hear new ideas, which will make Prism a better tool for everyone.

  1. I got a few requests for that already. I think I will work on that soon, but don't expect it in the next version already.
  2. Right now all the folders, which Prism needs for a shot gets created, when a shot gets created. I'm not sure which additional folders you need in a shot, but do you need different templates for every shot in your project or just a different template for every project? I'm not sure how beneficial this feature would be. In the next Prism version you could create a custom plugin and use the "onShotCreated" callback to execute your custom python code. You could create additional folders for the newly created shot based on a textfile with a template if you have some python knowledge.
  3. When I created the Linux version of Prism, I tried to make the Blender integration work, too. The Prism code should work fine in Blender on Linux I guess, but I had a problem with the PySide libraries in Blender if I remember correctly. I don't use Blender myself and I even work barely on Linux, which is why this doesn't have the highest priority for me. However, I could find out the exact problem and if another developer with enough Blender and Linux knowledge solves that little problem, I could add the Prism integration forBlender on Linux.


+1 to points 1&2