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Req - Delete Versions and Archiving

With even a small project, the amount of version saves can fill up a server, let alone a drive. Need an ability to delete tasks that, say, a user has unnecessarily saved multiple versions of large scene files and these need to be cleared off (same with renders).

Also, having the ability to clean before archive would be very useful - culling all working versions aside from used item in the next process.

Currently there's no way to do any housekeeping in the Prism UI. If we do it in explorer, am guessing it would break Prism?


Hello Pete,

Your suggestion is very interesting and would be really useful for us as well, having an option / interface to be able to clean a project before doing an archive would be really interesting / helpful.

If we do it in explorer, am guessing it would break Prism?

You can do it in explorer and it won't break Prism project browser, if you are sure that the things that you are deleting are not used elsewhere.

Prism Project Browser is reading the content of your disk and info files, not a database, so if it does not find a folder/scene file, it won't list it.

I hope this helps!




ok, so to delete a version, for example, I'd need to remove that particular file and it's corresponding .yml file in the same folder?

Just having the ability to delete the version / versions within Prism would be helpful. If one is worried about someone accidentally deleting a version, have it confirmed by the user name or relocated to a "recycle bin" section for future deletion - the system then logs its original location in the project and can restore or someone in authority can remove the files as required. I don't know how tough this would be to implement, but am guessing its a case of moving said file and appending another .yml file with its original path for restoration shouldn't be too tough to implement?

Yes you can simply delete the whole version folder of an export or a scenefile and it's .yml file. That workflow is totally fine to delete a version in Prism. If integrated in the UI Prism would do the same.

Since there is a workaround it doesn't have the highest priority at the moment and there's also the risk that an artist deleted or archived a version by accident. As soon as there are protected user accounts and permission roles in Prism it would make sense to me to add the options to delete, without the risk that everyone could use it by accident.