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RenderJob 'by frame'


The topic was for renderjob (deadline/pandora)

I think that deadline handle everything, I'm not sure about pandora, but when we submit a job to deadline, the task have a 'concurent job' parameter and a 'gpu per frame', the renderslave will launch 1 instance of maya/houdini/whatever per concurent task, and will assign the number of gpu defined per job, and make sure each job has it own GPU.

Pandora doesn't handle complex frame formatting at the moment. For Deadline I would have to change the submission parameters only, which should be straight forward. The concurent task and gpu per frame parameters are already exposed for Deadline submission and will hopefully work soon with Pandora too.

wouldn't that make sense if that was the roles of the submitter to handle frame formating ? I guess it basically about sending which frame pandora must render rather than telling pandora to render 'this project with each of these frame'.

unless I'm wrong, just trying to give idea ^^

Yes the submitter could figure out the exact frame numbers from the frame formatted string, but I would need to update the Pandora slave script, too. At the moment when a task gets assigned to a Pandora slave, the slave expects a start and a end frame of that task and renders all frames in between. When I want to render every second frame, every frame would need to be a separate task. I don't know how Deadline handles the "frames per task" setting when not every frame is rendered, but I'll check that.