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Re-enable files tab

Hi Richard.

I saw this feature request:

  • 0059] Improved dependency tracking

Track all dependencies through multiple scenefiles and rendering
Versions of all used assets in a final render should be accessible Done

Where is this, and how to do I make use of it. I think you once told me that the files tab in Project Browser was from a very early version. The other day while doing a "custom" update from .11 to .12 or something, ie, merging my modified code with your newly updated code, I somehow temporarily "enabled" the files tab. I played around with it quickly and I was happy, it looked great...seemed to show all the dependancies used by each scenefile. Then I completed the update properly and the files tab was gone again 🙁

I didn't know Prism when you had the files tab active...can you give me more info on it, like what's wrong with it, or why it's not used? I think you mentioned that you want to do more work on it or something like that? Is it possible for me to "enable" it currently?


The files tab has nothing to do with the dependency tracking. It simply shows files in 04_Assets in your project. It has not many features and I think it would confuse many people. That's why it's hidden. I would like to recreate that tab with more features, so that it provides a real benefit for everyone. If you want to see this tab again you can go into your Prism installation and modify the Project Browser script. You have to comment out 4 lines (add a "#" at the beginning of each line):

Save the file and restart the Project Browser, then you can see the files tab.

To see the dependencies of a file you need to use the "Dependency Viewer" tool. You can right click on a rendering in the "Versions" list in the Project Browser, on any scenefile in the Project Browser or on exported files in the "Select Task" dialog, when you want to import a file through the State Manager. From the right click menu you can select "Show dependencies".

In the future I'd love to visualize the dependencies in a nodegraph, but for now it's shown as a tree view.

Brilliant, I like this files tab.

Thank you.

The dependency viewer is great too, I completely overlooked that. Thanks for pointing that out.