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problems finding published assets after moving project location



We just moved our project from dropbox to google drive and for some reason some of the published files are not showing in the import manager. Is there an xml/json thingy somewhere that keeps track of publishes? Or is it purely folder based? Please see the screen recording below:

1. copied the project folder from my dropbox to google drive folder (D:/dropbox to D:/googleDrive)
2. opened maya and prism -> settings -> create new project
3. set the path to the new location, but kept the local folder the same as before.

Any idea why this would cause only some published assets to show up in the state manager -> import?

It seems like the problem is the hidden "desktop.ini"-files that windows add to shared google drive folders. When I delete them from all subfolders of the workflow/asset folder, then the state manager is able to show the published files - problem is that ini-files are re-appearing after some time and breaks the importer again... I found a way to make windows stop creating the files, which is a temporary solution - a bit of a pain to get all the remote artists to make changes in regedit... But it's a solution for now. It would be awesome if prism somehow could ignore those files in the future.

UPDATE: It turns out that it is actually not working after all to disable the creation of the desktop.ini files. It worked in windows 8, but not in win10 for some reason.

Richard, is there any way to get prism to ignore the ini files?

Prism doesn't like any other files in the centimeter/meter folder. If takes the first file it finds and if that's not a valid version, the version won't show up in the Task Selection window. I think it's random if the first file the python command finds is the desktop.ini or the maya file.

I made a quick fix to the TaskSelection script. Now all *.ini and *.txt files will be ignored in the centimeter/meter folders.

You can update that script in C:\Prism\Scripts\ProjectScripts\

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THANK YOU!!! That's great, had a slight nervous breakdown there for a moment yesterday 😀

Hi Richard, I think there might be some bugs with the desktop.ini files. One of my animators get double import states in the import menu (see image attached)

Do you think it could be related?


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Could it be that the artist has the cache in the global and in the local project folder? Then it would be shown twice in the TaskSelection window. You can rightclick on both versions and open them in the explorer to see if the same cache exists in two different locations.

Good point, forgot to check for that. Let me check when I get a hold of him again 🙂

Good catch Richard, turns out he had copied his shared folder to use as his local, hence the duplicates.

alright, so everythings fine? Or would you prefer to see only one version even if it exists multiple times? I guess the best option would be to have another column which show if the cache in the global or local folder.