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Prism States loading fails after switching from server to local installation


I had to change my installation of Prism from an installation on the server to a local one. The project remains on the server. I can load files and save them, but when I try to open the State manager, I get the following message: 'Loading states failed'

The State Manager opens afterwards, but there are no references to rigs or props displayed - the state manager window is empty. In the Maya scene itself the rigs and props are loading though.

Please tell me if you need any more information about my setup, unfortunately I don't know anything about Prism. Using Maya 2019 and Windows.

Thank you for suggestions and ideas!


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Hey Lukas,

Did you copy the Prism installation to your local disk or did you install it from the .exe to your local disk?

Could it be that the Prism version on the server was newer than your local one? You can check the Prism version under "Help"->"About" in the Project Browser menu bar.

In the Prism Settings you can update your Prism version to the latest one, which could help if the version on the server was newer than your current local one.