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Prism | 'Send to Dailies' - not working: SOLVED!


'Send to Dailies' functionality is not working (all plug-ins):

  • Prism v1.3.0.40
  • All Plug-ins
  • Windows
  • Critical


Uploaded files:
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Not sure what is supposed to happen here, does it create a copy of the file(s) then move them to the dailies folder?


No it doesn't create a copy of the files. That would take very long for some versions and would waste diskspace. Instead it creates two shortcuts. One to the actual mediafile and one to the folder of that version (in case you want to check the metadata).

There was a limitation that it only worked with Python 3, which basically means Prism standalone and Blender. In v1.3.0.42 I changed the way how the shortcuts get created and now it works also in Python 2 and all other DCCs.