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Prism + Rez

Is there any plan to support Rez?

When dealing with complex environment configurations, multiple software packages depending on others (Houdini, Python, Arnold, etc...) Rez is invaluable to produce an appropriate environment.

My dream scenario is to have (if needed), a per shot, per task package resolution so I can be working on different setups in an automatic way. When I was working at Realise Studio we had this configuration and it was extremely powerful.




I'm a big fan of rez, but it's another level of complexity and not needed by the majority of the Prism users. However it would be great to have it as an optional feature for advanced users.

I was planning to start working on an app launcher soon and eventually I can look into adding rez support with that.

Indeed, I think you are right in keeping it simple... as an option would be the best.

Regarding the launcher app, may I offer showing the developments I did on my spare time designing one? may be useful or inspiring... happy to do a zoom chat if you fancy.

cheers and thanks.

I already have a clear plan how I want it to look like, but sure, more inspiration is always good. Send me a mail to and we can arrange a time for a call.