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Prism no longer works in 3ds max 2021


Thought I would share this information for anyone using 3ds max 2021.

If you are using 3ds max 2021 the Prism plugin can not be run or started because there is no python module named MaxPlus. This is because MaxPlus was removed from the new python 3 compiler in 3ds max 2021 and instead the script must be re-written to use the pymxs module.

Thankfully 3ds max 2021 does include the old python 2.7 compiler which does still have the MaxPlus python module.

To run prism in 3ds max 2021 you just have to set 3ds max to use python 2.7 and not python 3. This can be done by adding an environment variable to windows as follows:

  • open system properties and navigate to environment variable.
  • create a new variable and named it ADSK_3DSMAX_PYTHON_VERSION then set its value to 2.

exit the environment variable dialog and start 3ds max.

Now prism should work with no errors.

Hope this helps!



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Hey Alex,

thanks for posting your solution here. I added this as a popup warning in the latest Prism version when Prism gets opened in Max 2021 with Python 3.

I will rewrite the Prism 3ds Max integration to use pymxs instead of Maxscript at some point. I'll have to make sure that it also works with the previous 3ds max versions so it might take a while, but luckily there is this workaround for now, which you posted.




Trying this method, not working. Any idea?

Hey @yogo

are you trying this with 3dsMax 2022? The method only works with 3dsMax 2021. In 3dsMax 2022 Python 2.7 is completely removed and so that version in currently not supported by Prism.



know if a version of python 3 compatible with the latest versions of 3ds max (2023) is available?

Thanks a lot !