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Prism | Natron - Set frame range and fps not working


Natron - Prisim doesn't set fps or frame range. Assuming this is not by design...

  • Prism v1.3.0.40
  • Natron version 2.3.15
  • Windows
  • Critical


Both should work fine in the latest Prism version.

Do you get the popups when you open a Natron scene? Do you get any errors?



No, at the moment there are no popups or errors in natron, it doesn't seem to fire the frame and fps check functions? It seems like the issue is still persistent in prism v1.3.0.42



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Can you check if the "Check for shot frame range" is enabled in the "Options" menu in the Project Browser?


Yes that option is ticked ON.



Mh not sure what the issue could be then.

Do you have multiple viewers in your nodegraph? Is the project framerange correct in the Natron project settings? This can be different from the red start/end points on your timeline.