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Prism | Maya 2020 Crash when saving new version in maya with screenshot


Maya 2020 Crashes when saving a new version when using the change preview function.

  • Prism v1.3.0.40
  • Maya 2020
  • Windows
  • Critical


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I heard this problem from multiple people, but I'm still collection information about it. It doesn't happen on every computer and so far I couldn't reproduce it.

Here is a discussion where the problem got solved in the end, but it's still unclear what it causing it:

If you have any additional information about this crash let me know.

ok thank you, how do I find the logs?

There no relevant logs for this crash I guess. You can check the Maya crash log at c:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp, but I doubt that it has useful information about this.

Did the take screenshot work for you in the past?

Does it crash in Prism Standalone? (You can test it by capturing a shot preview)

How many monitors do you use?

Have you tried to start Maya with clean preferences, only Prism added to it?


I can try a few different procedures and see what happens.


I experience this also. Maya 2020, Windows 10, 2 Monitor-Setup. Prism Standalone works fine however.

i've got the same issue here.
prism v1.3.0.34
maya 2020.2
2 monitor setup
Prism Standalone works fine.

The "take screenshot" function works for me previously when i was using maya 2018.2, prism v1.3.0.34