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Prism & Backburner render manager

Hi , I think Prism it´s a great tool!. We´re implementing it for our new movie project.

We´re using Backburner for rendering in multiple machines for many years with 3dsmax and now for Blender.

There is any way to implement Backburner render in Prism? How?

My ideal workflow will be Kitsu + Prism + Backburner, for both 3dsmax and blender projects.



Hey Nico,

there is no Backburner support in Prism at the moment. If you have some python experience you can write a plugin for that. You can take a look at the Deadline plugin, duplicate it, rename it and modify it for Backburner. You can find it in your Prism installation: C:\Prism\Plugins\RenderfarmManagers\Deadline

For an official Backburner plugin the demand seems not very high, so it has a very low priority at the moment.

Whaaaaaaatttt??!?!? You got back burner to work with blender?! How??! Hoooooowwwwwww???!?!!


if someone has adapted the script for backburner I'm interested!

Thank you