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Prism 2.0 Timeline

Hi Richard,

Do you have a timeline for Prism 2.0 so we can plan implementation / migration scheduling?



Hey Pete,

the timeline is still very rough at the moment. Mostly because Prism 2 is not feature complete yet and developing new features in connection with 3rd party apps are difficult to schedule.

Currently the plan is to have Prism 2 feature complete in about 2 months and after that there will be another month for testing and fixing smaller issues before the official release. Depending on the feedback from testers it could take longer/shorter (but based of past experiences it never takes shorter).

I will post updates in the future when there are any changes.


Cool!!! 2.0 looks amazing.

Just a gentle bump to see how we’re doing on 2.0 🙂



It's making very good progress, but it's still a lot to do. The roadmap for Prism 2 is constantly changing, because of the feedback I receive, which I'm really happy about.

I don't want to release it just before the Christmas break, so the current plan is to have a release early next year.