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Prism 2.0 first look at FMX 2021

We're happy to announce that Prism 2.0 is currently in development and will feature some major new features and improvements.

One of the new features is a USD pipeline out of the box. The USD workflow brings some amazing new possibilities to Prism, which allows for greater automation and easier collaboration in teams. It differs from the current way how data gets transferred between different people and different software. It's the next step in making Prism a more modern and professional solution for managing animation and VFX projects.

A first overview of Prism 2.0 and the new USD workflow will be presented on the FMX conference next week. The conference will be held online this year, which allows people from all around the world to join the conference.

Join us on Wednesday, May 05 at 4:30 PM (UTC +2) to see some of the updates in Prism 2.0

We are already accepting applications from people interested in joining the beta. For more information please get in touch: contact at prism-pipeline dot com