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Prism 2.0.4 - Nuke 15v3(4) - startup crash - custom scripts

After I upgraded to version 2.0.4, nuke 15v3(v4) crashed at startup when custom scripts were loaded in, such as "import DeadlineNukeClient" or "import cryptomatte_utilities". Strangely, it works with Nuke 14v6.

So it crashes only because of Deadline and Cryptomatte, but without these both Prism loads fine in your Nuke 15.3?


It might be because of an Python version change or something similar.

Since it's not caused by Prism it would be best to report that to the Deadline support.

But with my current PipelineTool, i using these Python Modules with Nuke15v3

and when i downgrade prism to 2.0.3 it works too.

Sorry I'm a bit confused now.

To summarize you situation:

Prism loads fine in Nuke 15v3 when Deadline and Cryptmatte are not loaded.
When Deadline and Cryptomatte are loaded in crashes.

What do you mean by your "current PipelineTool"?
Do you mean that Deadline and Cryptomatte don't cause a crash in Nuke if Prism isn't loaded?


Yes, and with Prism 2.0.3 , deadline and cryptomatte in nuke works, too.

Nuke 15.0v4 is working fine here for me with Prism, Deadline and Cryptomatte.

Do you have the Prism USD plugin loaded?

For some people the USD Viewport caused a crash in Nuke 15.

Try to turn off this option: Prism User Settings -> USD -> "Show USD viewport in Products tab by default"

yes, with turn off it works