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Prism 1.1.1 release

Version 1.1.1 makes Prism more customizable, has many minor workflow improvements and of course bugfixes.

Here is the changelog:


added: Support for custom plugins, which allow to modify various behaviours of Prism

added: Option to place Prism in any location and to use a central installation

added: Button in the Prism Settings to update Prism from a .zip file (downloaded from GitHub) or directly from GitHub (requires git installed)

added: Double clicking on a task in the "Select Task" dialog imports the latest version

added: Option to set the project fps in the current scene if there is a fps mismatch during the opening of a scenefile

added: (Houdini) Support for USD export/import

added: (3dsMax) Import options will be displayed when pressing "CTRL" during the import

changed: The "Send to dailies" option creates now links instead of .bat files on Windows

changed: Performance improvements

fixed: various bugs