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Prisim | Unreal Engine


Yeah I think the alembic streaming feature will be a massive bonus as when you’re working with tons of animation it’s a much cleaner workflow in the unreal sequencer as opposed to importing heaps of FBX files which can turn sequencer into an eye sore pretty quickly.

Hopefully USD would allow for round tripping but as I mentioned I can’t seem to load a usd created in unreal in other dcc’s. Probably user error though 🙂

So yeah if anyone knows how to export a useful usd file from unreal...

I managed to write out some usd files from Unreal with some xforms, lights and cameras. However it looks like it doesn't support exporting geometry. It is mentioned in the documentation so maybe there is a way, but even by looking at the code I didn't find a way to do it so far.

Also in 4.26 the default python version is 3.7 and some of the usd scripts are not working with Python 3.7. So to use some functions you either have to modify the Unreal USD python scripts or switch to Python 2.7

Is there any update on this?

No update from my side at the moment.

Hey Richard, you have done a great job on prism! It works seamlessly and is a joy to use! For UE4 might I suggest you apply for and epic grant, surely this would receive one!

Epic MegaGrants - Unreal Engine

I already applied and I'm in contact with them 😉

The problem with unreal is that it is an entire pipeline in one app and everything needs to be a .uasset. Also there is no standalone uasset conversion tool.

i think it may be more productive to focus on first class interfacing with usd for obvious reasons. Nvidia has released a whole bunch of free usd tools and a windows precompiled binary installer etc and unreal can read usd quite well. The UE stage manager tool is a bit lacking however...




The Prism Unreal integration would ideally also work without USD for studios, which prefer to use alembic or obj. Luckily it seems Unreal can be launched without GUI in the command line, which would allow for some automation.