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Possibility to render in JPG

When i make a Playblast i have the opportunity to choose the Outputformat. When I make a Render, i don t have this opportunity, it s automatically EXR. Maybe its only my way of working, but i make a lot of renders (also sequences, not only still images) before the final version, and i have to convert all these renders in JPG after that and then delete the EXR files, because they are too big. Is there a way to include this possibility in the render, too ?

Would be pretty nice!

That has been on my list since a long time. Now I finally implemented it in the latest Prism version v1.2.1.67. You can choose between exr, png and jpg formats now on the ImageRender state.


Thanks. So nice! By the way, PRISM is getting a lot of love these days, Thank you!!!!