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Playblast export crash - corrupts Prism install


Just thought I should report this -  don't have too much information on it unfortunately.

One of my animators got a crash today while playblasting using the export state. Maya went down, and on reopening maya it kept crashing before even showing the viewport of the empty scene. So after a bit back and forth we found out that it was the prism project window - that open automatically on load - that made maya crash. We re-installed prism and everything was fine again. Just thought it was kinda interesting that an error could permanently corrupt Prism.

I can send you a dmp file if it's of any help.

Thanks for reporting that. I haven't heard that before and I can't explain how the installation could get corrupted, since Prism doesn't modify any files in the installation directory after the installation.

If that happens again please zip the complete Prism folder and send it to me. Maybe I can reproduce it then.

Maybe in the dmp file there is some information about the module which causes the problem, so yes eventually it could help.