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Playblast - auto convert to mp4


We all love animators , but as you know not all of them are into pipeline and techy stuff, so to save them the trouble (and my trouble trying to explain them the steps)  why not making a playblast setting where the image sequence is automatically converted to mp4 (that converter is awesome!) and delete the image sequence.

I love the quality and file size of the mp4 prism playblasts - it's far superior to Maya's codecs. And it never skips any frames (which happens a lot with Maya's normal video playblasts, especially when doing cycles)

Hey Magnus, are  you sure it not just the player used by maya when you playblast stuff ? I mean, it used to open VLC for me and cycles are just the worst there, I configured maya to open djv_view and it super smooth.

unless I completely missed the point : s

Hey SciMunk,
You might be right on that, but I'm pretty sure I tried djv_view as well. Also had people from other studios complain about it, so that's why I'm pretty sure that it's a thing, at least in Maya 2017. Will double check once I get well and back to work. So the way we got around it before was to export image sequence (just like prism) and review it in fcheck, or put it in premiere for export.

I'm really having some trouble understanding your problem, maybe there is just another kind of playblast I'm not aware of ?

this is how I playblast thing :

Yes, that's how you normally would go about it. Prism have a special export state for playblasts which is really great for the animators and team to use, both for pipeline purposes, but alos like I mentioned that I find it to be better quality than the standard playblast export in maya 2017. The purpose for this post was to ask if it would be possible to add a mp4 setting for the playblast export state - basically skipping a few steps (right click - convert to mp4 - and then find the image sequence folder in explorer and deleting that).

haaaaa okay! sorry, I'm just a programmer who's trying to become a 3D artist, never worked in an actual animation pipeline yet ^^.

No worries 🙂

Would be possible for sure. It's added to the list. But what is the reason why you want to have a video of every playblast? I personally like to work with image sequences for reviewing and I only create video files when I send it to external people.

Awesome! It’s just a lot easier for dailies and syncsketch uploads, and it’s what most animators are used to - also can’t beat the filesize of that converter, it’s fantastic!

By the way, is there an easy way to convert other files than playblasts and renders? Would love to have it run over animatic files and other video files and image sequences outside the prism pipeline.