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Overwrite Publish scene

Hi Richard,

Do we have a chance to publish scene to overwrite publish version or always keep only one publish version?

There's no way to publish "always/ by default" to the same version, but this was already requested, so probably that will be an option in the future.

However, you can rightclick on an export/render state in the State Manager and select "Execute as previous version". If you use this option instead of the usual publish you could export your objects always to the same version so there will be only one.

I've just tested "Execute as previous version" function that only running with local project version, and that is not effect on publish version.

You mean the scenefile and not the exported file right? The exported alembic file will be saved in the main project folder. The scenefile will be saved in the current path in whatever location it is at the moment (usually the local project folder). There is no option to overwrite an "global" scenefile with a local scenefile, but if that's something you prefer to do I can add that to the to-do list.

Yes, i mean the global scenefile that cannot overwrite version. We're always keep only one global version that will help animator prevent get older global version or some confuse in version management.

So you want to keep multiple versions locally and have the option to save the local file as v0001 in the global project folder?

Yeah, that's right Richard.

Or would it work for you when the scene gets saved as a new version in the global folder, but all previous versions in the global folder will be removed so that only the new version is there. I think that would make more sense than having a v0001 in the global folder which could be newer than a v0006 in the local folder.

Hi Richard,

What the purpose that we keep only one global version and filename cause animators will not reload or import lastest version when riggers modify rig files.

So your animatiors reference the rigs from the working-scenes, which you see in the Project Browser? The recommended workflow is that you create a working-scenefile in the Project Browser where the rigger creates the rig. Then he uses the State Manager to export that rig as a .ma file. That exported file can be imported through the State Manager in the animation scenefile, but you don't see that scenefile in the Project Browser.

If you referenced the working scenefiles I understand why you want to have only one global version, but I recommend to reference only the exported/published rigs.