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Nuke not starting

Nuke: Nuke11.3v4-win-x86-release-64
Prism: 1.2.0

-It seems like Prism cannot find my mapped network drive (mapped to Z:). This has worked before.
-The result of this is that Nuke wont open. First I did not know the problem. I Re-installed Nuke, Prism and deleted Temp files a couple of times.
-Then I deleted a few projects in the "recent project" list in Prism. This made Nuke work again


It seems like I had the same path mapped to both (Z:) and (W:). This somehow made Prism not work? As soon as removed my (W:) drive both Nuke and Prism worked together again. (All my projects were set to (Z:) drive)

So this resolved itself. But it took some time figuring out, so maybe have a look at this? It's a bit worrying when Nuke wont start.

I hope I made some kind of sense 🙂