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nuke indie / limited python bla bla

hi there,

does nuke indie work with prism, a comp-buddy told me that the indie has limited python functionality (10 python script limit or something like that) and some script don't work...

right now i have the option to buy full license of nuke for 1200€ (student lic to commercial) or indie ~500€... i would prefer indie 😉

how well does nuke indie run with prism?

any thought?

thanks in advanced


Yeah that Indie limitation is a really annoying limitation. However you can still use Prism in Nuke Indie. You can do all the usual things like saving and versioning your scenefiles, dragging in media and rendering out images/video back to the Prism project.

There's only one Prism feature, which would not work in the indie version. There is a feature in Prism to import all your AOVs from a render into Nuke and composite is all correctly together in a nice layout. This feature wouldn't work in the Indie version. But if you can live without that feature, just go with the indie version.

The limitation with 10 nodes is actually the same in Nuke non-commercial. So you can test Prism in Nuke non-commercial to see how it will behave with Nuke indie.


hi richard,

thanks for clearing this out!

don't know why the foundry has this stupied limitation for the indie!