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Nuke custom prefix file render


Congratulations for Prism Pipeline and thank you very much for sharing it.

I decided to use Prism for my  project , but there is something i'm struggling with and i was wondering if you can be at any help with that.
I'm working on nuke 12.2.6 and i need to change the name of the rendered file. Thing is, as i understand, with Prism, the filename is set as:

shot_ + sequence name + shot name ...

Is it possible to leave just the shot name without the first two prefixes?

Thank you very much !

Currently you cannot change the file naming. You could only rename the files with a different tool after Prism rendered them to disk.

In Prism v2.0, which is currently in development it will be possible to modify the naming conventions and change it to the way you like.

Thank you for your help, I'll try to write a sort of publish node in nuke to rename all the rendered files.