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Maya submit all render layers at once like stand deadline submitter


Currenlty to submit individual render layers we need to create an "imageRender" per layer.   This is a duplicate process because all the individual render layers already exist.  However it is handy to have the "imageRender" per layer too as you can adjust the priorty and other settings.

I suggest having a check box that will tell prism to submit all the render layers at once (individually to farm).  This will help keep it simple as this is how the usual standard deadline submitter works.  Then we could also have a list of layers you can add so you can then submit most render layers with one "imageRender" and the a few customs "imageRender" when needed.

Having said that it's probably best to make it use the standard deadline submitter as there are heaps of options we use like:

Additional Frame Options, Region Rendering.  I feel if it's kept simple like it is in prism you'll just be duplicating whats already working.

Food for thought!

Great to know what you think.






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Hello Richard,    would great to get some thing working for this too..

Yes I agree that it would be nice to submit multiple renderlayers from one imageRender state. If would keep the submission cleaner and more organized. I'll have to see when I find the time to look into that though.

I'm not sure if there is a good way to integrate the default deadline submitter into Prism, because Prism needs to run some code before and after the submission.


would like to support this suggestion. Being able to submit multiple render layers in one "imageRender" task would be very much appreciated.

Another small suggestion is maybe changing the name of the standard beauty layer dropdown menu. I've attached a screenshot. Having it named "beauty" makes somewhat sense when doing single exr files, as other AOV's will show up next to it, but when rendering to multilayer exr's, theres only going to be a beauty with all AOV's contained. This get's a little confusing when doing something like a utility render pass, since it's going to show up as "beauty" in the dropdown, even though it's not. It can be argued that it's the beauty of the utility pass, but I would suggest calling the standard layer "RGB" or "RGBA" instead of beauty, as this would make more sense for a wider range of passes. Just something to consider =)

Cheers, Repix

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