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maya script path append

Does prism by any chance have a function for auto appending a folder for loading custom nodes?

I have a few scripts that I always ask the animators to add to their local folder so that they can load the custom nodes, just thought that since there already was some automatic hda handling, maybe this is included as well 🙂

Yesterday I added the feature, that Prism adds a folder in the Prism project to the "PATH" environment variable. That allows you to use any python modules in that folder. It is also mentioned here:

But I guess that doesn't necessarily mean that you can load Maya nodes from there. Do you know which environment variable Maya uses to find custom nodes?

Oh that's great. I don't know quite what is required to run mll files etc. Let me ask Logan 🙂

MAYA_MODULE_PATH point to folder containing .mod file. which are file telling maya where to find a specific plugin (folder composed of bin, icons, scipt, etc)


source :

Alright, I'll add a folder in the project for that and add it to these paths. If you have any test plugins for me to test if it's working that would help me a lot.

Thanks for finding the info SciMunk!

Richard: I wrote you an email with a test scene and the script

I have attached a simple plugin that will add a node called 'prismNode' to maya (I scrapped an old plugin I did so ignore the lack of consistency in name)

the prism.mod can be put anywhere on your drive and the path to it must be added to MAYA_MODULE_PATH

you need to edit the prism.mod and set the path inside to where you have extracted the "plug-ins" and "script" folder, maya will then automatically include these folder and you can enable the plugin in the maya pluginManager (name FriggingFastToolkit.mll)


don't hesitate to bug me about maya, I've been doing maya SDK dev for the last 4 year,

Uploaded files:
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@magnus I got the mail with the file. I'll test it and let you know when it's working.

@scimunk I'll test the .mod files, too. I haven't done much Maya development except for the Prism integration, so it's always good to know someone who can help with dev problems.

Thank you both for the files.

I tried to use the .mod file in a Prism project and appended the path to the MAYA_MODULE_PATH variable. The maya documentation says the module file supports relative paths, but that doesn't seem to work.

My module file is here:


I have a plug-ins and script directory in the same folder. When I add an absolute path to the mod file it works fine and the maya plugins show up in the plugin manager:

+ prism 1.0 D:\Projects\DevProject\00_Pipeline\CustomModules\Maya

But if I use a relative path it doesn't work anymore:

+ prism 1.0 ..\

When I use the relative path maya appends this path to the MAYA_PLUGIN_PATH variable instead of the location of the module file:

C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2018/plug-ins

Tested with Maya 2018 and 2018.2. Is this a Maya bug or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Richard,

Did you meant to do ".\" ?

"..\" basically mean walking up a directory, leaving the current directory where "plug-ins" is located