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Maya prompt for save after exporting a state (Destroy reference)

Hello, I'm not sure if this is normal, but I remember that it didn't used to happen before :

When I export my maya scene (to .mb format) that contains reference, prism import the reference to do the export, and then reload the scene, but recently, maya started to prompt if I want to save my scene before doing that reload, which often confuse me into doing so, basically corrupting my scene by loosing my reference file.

any idea ?

Thank you.

No that shouldn't happen and it doesn't happen in my testscene with the latest Prism version. Do you have any custom plugins or hooks, which modify the maya scene after the export? When the message "The publish was successful" pops up, there shouldn't be an asterisk (*) in the Maya Window title, which indicates, that the scene contains unsaved changes. If there is an asterisk the save message will appear.

I can confirm this happens on my computer as well. I'm using Maya 2017 update5

yes, after a publish, maya title indicate the (*)

however, I might worth mentioning that the (*) appear everytime the prism state manager is open, and even if I save the scene, the (*) stay here (while the state manager is open)

Any update on this?

I get the save prompt each time I publish.

I still can't reproduce it in my simple test scene. Probably it's related to a specific export settings or a specific scene content.

Maybe you could provide me with a small example scene where that problem occurs?

Try to make an import state and use reference - add the reference to the export state.  It shoukld appear after the 'Publish successful' promt.

This should be fixed now in v1.2.1.8.