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Maya: Ornaments in playblasts

When doing playblasts in Maya it is currently not possible to have ornaments turned on. I saw in a previous thread that Prism automatically turns them off. Would it be possible to have this as a checkbox, so we can decide whether or not to include ornaments in Maya playblasts? For instance, it can be very helpful to have the camera name or frame number in the playblast.

This feature would be especially helpful at the beginning of a production, when shotlengths aren't yet locked in. It will make it very easy to look at an edit and see which frames are actually used in a given shot, and determine if anything is being cut off. Once the edit is in place, shots can be updated accordingly.


A slightly more elaborate way to solve this would be the option to choose which ornaments from the "Heads Up Display" to include. From my point of view not all of the HUD details are relevant for most playblast, but it would be amazing to have the option to turn on/off the following ones:

  • Camera Names
  • Current Frame
  • Focal Length
  • Scene Timecode


Would be great if this was possible.




You should be able to display HUD when playblast using State Manager. Just uncheck the "use recommended settings" in the state manager. Now you'll see the same stuff you see in the viewport in your playblast.

Alternatively I made an integration plugin for Prism and ZshotMask, you can tweak the integration code to match the infos you want to see in the playblast. I tried to comment a lot of the code I wrote :


unfortunately unchecking 'use recommended settings' doesn't bring the HUD back for us. We need this feature desperately. Please help. Thank you!