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Maya .mb and render file path


Question 1:
Is there a way to get Prism to save .mb files instead of .ma? (when saving workfiles in maya)

Question 2:
* In the state manager there is a tool for rendering in Prism.
* However we are using Royal render so we cannot use the state-manager when rendering.
* I would like to re-create what you are doing when rendering from the state-manager but with Royal render. So I basically need to get the file path correct. Richard could you point me in the right direction how I could find this in your code? I need to get the Prism functionality working when rendering but not using the state-manager basically. Sorry my scripting skills are limitied 🙁
* Is there any plans for getting Prism working with Royal render?

Thank you in advance, and super great tool once again!


  1. There is no option to change the filetype, but you can change a single line in a script to change the type. In this file Prism\Plugins\Apps\Maya\Scripts\ at line 197 (depends a bit on the Prism version you are using) you find this code:

return cmds.file(save=True, type="mayaAscii")

Simply replace it with this line, save the file and restart Maya:

return cmds.file(save=True, type="mayaBinary")

2. The render outputpath depends on some settings of the ImageRender state in the State Manager like the Taskname. There is a function in the State Manager script, which returns the outputpath for the next version, but this function only works when it can access the settings in the State Manager. Recreating the outputpath without the State Manager is not a simple task, which I could explain here in a few lines.

The best option would be to have "Royal Render" Prism plugin. There is already a Deadline and a Pandora plugin, which allow you to submit jobs directly from the State Manager. Because I don't use Royal Render for my own projects, I don't have any plans to work on that soon. But if you have a Pipeline TD in your team, maybe he could take a look at that.

Thank you so much for your help!

I'll let you know of how I solve the render path issue, when the time comes 🙂