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MAYA: Import Multiple Redshift Proxies Using State Manager

I wanted to say how awesome Prism is and how useful it is to my project, I have been using it since it's release and it's been an invaluable tool!

I was wondering if it was possible to be able to import multiple objects (proxies) at once in the state manager (multiple selections?), it would speed up my workflow immensely! Also when importing .rs proxies using the state manager it would be awesome if they were named correctly rather than just redshiftProxyPlaceholder1 etc.


Thanks, great to hear that you like Prism so much 🙂

Importing multiple objects at once isn't possible at the moment, but it sounds like a great improvement. I'll add it to the feature idea list.

Setting the name of the Redshift proxy object should be a very easy fix. But what would be the correct name of the object? I guess the task name of the imported file. It could also get the name from the objects contained in the proxyfile, but since there can be multiple objects in one proxy file this could be confusing in some situations.

Awesome thanks for adding those the list it would be really helpful! I'd love if the name of the object could be the file name of the proxy itself? Because then it would have the asset name that the task was generated under and it's version number also. But whatever you think would work better would be great to be honest.

Thanks again 😀

Yeah that sounds good. I just changed it and it gets the name now from the filename. In your Prism Settings you can update your Prism version automatically from GitHub. Then you need to restart Maya and then you can import your proxies with the new names 🙂

Wow thanks so much :D! Will update now

Just tested it and it works on my machine so that's great woo 🙂