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Maya crash when there is folder under 3drender

Using Prism v1.3.0.41 with maya 2020 and maya 2019

Hey Richard,

there seems to be an issue when there is a folder structure under the 3dRender folder when using Maya

example: 3d\03_Workflow\Shots\TF-TF0010\Rendering\3dRender\lgt\lgt_beauty_char_010.1028

this will crash Maya when opening Project Browser then clicking on the shot that has the folder

but the same issue won't happen if the structure is

example: 3d\03_Workflow\Shots\TF-TF0010\Rendering\3dRender\lgt_beauty_char_010.1028

this issue did not happen when we were using prism


having a folder inside 2dRender called 3dRender also crashes the scene


it seems like by changing the name 3dRender to something else solves the issue

example: 3d\03_Workflow\Shots\TF-TF0010\Rendering\lightingRender\lgt\lgt_beauty_char_010.1028


You created these folders manually right?

Is it possible that the crash is because of the files inside the folders? I'm trying to reproduce the crash with your folder structure, but no crash so far.

okay, that should be okay for us, by changing the name we no longer gets crashes.  but its a .exr file if that makes any difference

If you want to send me the .exr which causes the crash, then I can have a look if I can fix it in Prism.


I was unable to upload the file where so its in google drive instead

there are 3 exr files that we normally have in our 3dRender folders

Thanks, I had a quick look at the files.

Maya is just freezing and not immediately crashing for you right?

The exr reader which Prism uses (OpenImageIO) seems to be extremely slow when there are many channels in the exr file like in yours. It looks like a bug to me. I'll have a deeper look at it in the next days. Maybe it's already fixed in a newer version of OpenImageIO.