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Make search vissible at all time

I just accidentally pressed a letter on my keyboard while I had my shotlist open and a search bar popped up! I never knew it existed.

At least for me I would prefer if the search bad was vissible at all time. Maybe you could pick if you want it to be visible or hidden by default in the settings.


I've been lobbying for this for a long time now.

It really depends on the personal preference if it should be visible the whole time or not. It's definitely one of the less known features because it's hidden by default. But after so much lobbying I had to improve that.

In v1.3.0.41 I added a small search button  to the asset and shot list, which shows and hides the search bar. The button state gets saved when you close the Project Browser, so you can have it visible all the time when you open the Project Browser.

For an even more permanent searchbar there is a new option in the userconfig (%userprofile%/documents/Prism/Prism.yml). When the setting "showSearchAlways" under the "browser" category is set to "true" then the search button is not visible in the Project Browser and the searchbar is always visible. Also it's not possible to close it by pressing escape when this setting is enabled.


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The search button is perfect! Thank you a lot for adding this!

The searchbar industry has won!