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Is there a way to delete steps and deploy it on other installs ?

Hello !

Thanks a lot for Prism, the amount of work around it is impressive.

I have a double question :

I would like to know if it is possible to edit the different steps names so it reflects our current standards, we have some interns that might try to work in Rendering even if he/she is doing some lookdev. Is there a file somewhere that I can edit so everybody has the same steps name available ?

We currently are working using r-sync / SyncBack  sync, so everybody has the same folder structure on disk. Is it there something that I need to know before inviting everyone to install and play with Prism (in regards of sharing some parts of the prefs maybe?) ?

Thanks a lot,


Hey ValDo,

After you created a project you can edit this file in a text editor: {Project}/00_Pipeline/pipeline.ini

In this file you have a setting named "pipeline_steps", which stores all the steps with their abbreviations, which will be listed in the "Create Step" dialog of the Project Browser. You can modify the steps here and the "Create Step" dialog will reflect the changes the next time you open it.


When syncing Prism files, there are three locations, which you can consider:

  1. The Prism project folder. You definitely want to sync and share it with your team so you can work together on the same project.
  2. The Prism installation folder. You can use a shared Prism installation folder. The advantage is that it's easy to update the whole team to a different version at once. But you can also keep it local for everyone, so people could to testing with modifying scripts, without affecting other artists. That's up to you. Both options are totally fine,
  3. The preferences folder. On Windows it is at %userprofile%/Documents/Prism. Here are user specific settings stored like the username, the size of the Project Browser window or which tab was open when it was closed the last time. Usually you want to keep this separate for every user.

Also when you downloaded the installer from the website, I recommend to update to the latest development version through the Prism Settings dialog. It has quite a few more features.

Now you can start to use Prism and feel free to ask any questions or give feedback 🙂



Super cool Richard,

It seems to work very fine indeed ! I updated to the latest version and I already see some changes ! 🙂