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Is there a $PRISM_JOB in Houdini ?

Hello @richardf !

I was wondering if there is a $PRISM_JOB that I could use for cache path in Houdini ?

If there is one, I don't have it on Houdini 18.0.348 and Prism v1.2.1.72

Thanks !

Yes there is. It's called $PRISMJOB. This one was the first Prism houdini variable and I kept it for backwards compatibility without an underscore. If you type $PRISM in a string parameter you'll see all available Prism variables.

To version your caches with Prism you need to connect your filecache or ROP nodes to an export state in the State Manager. Eventually I'll add a Prism Cache node in the future.

Super cool thank you !

I was quiet surprised to not see them in the aliases and variable window !

As for the cache node, in a near future I might be able to help you on this side, we are really busy right now, but maybe in August ?


Until August is a long time 🙂 If I don't find time for before August for that then we can discuss that. Help is always appreciated.