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is prism dead?

hi Richard,

hope you and prism are doing well 😉

hasn't been much traffic in the forum lately and it was locked for some reason...

actually I'm writing because I having a really hard time getting prism 1.3 to run with latest popos 22, I managed to install it on latest Linux mint, but popos seems to be to different 🙁

I already tried a few attempt described in different posts... but no success 🙁

is there a chance to get access to the 2.xx alpha / Beta? i guess this will be more up to date in terms of Python/pyside compatibility...

cheers and thanks in advanced


Hey Philipp,

Prism is very far from being dead 😉

Prism 2 is making good progress and has a lot of exciting new features. Because of the evolving roadmap it will still need a few more months until the official release.

The forum was locked temporarily because of the amount of spam accounts, but it will stay open from now. The communication about the Prism 2 Beta version is happening actively at a different place.

At this point the beta has a Windows version only.
I don't have a pop os setup here to test, so I can't help you much with the setup unfortunately. It would probably require to replace the pyside version and maybe some modifications to the python scripts.


sounds great!

I managed to get it partially running with popOS 22.

Houdini 19  & standalone works.

Houdini 19.5 I will try the pythonlib 3.9 "hack" described in the other thread

blender 3.x needs some manual attention, but I don't need it right now...

looking forward for upcoming stuff cheers philipp