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Prism for Houdini 19.5

Houdini 19.5 has released, and I added Prism to it from DCC apps setting.

There is Prism menu in menu bar, but I cannot open Project Browser.

Houdini 19.5 uses python 3.9, but in my Prism directory ( C:\Prism\Plugins\Apps\Houdini\Integration ),  there is no library for 3.9.

So I tried copying "python3.7libs" and rename it "python3.9libs", then Houdini and Prism work well.

Of course it may cause any problems somehow, so does anyone know how to install Prism for Houdini 19.5 in proper way?


Nice!, I actually think this hack may be OK for the time being, the proper way would be to port it, but if you read the PrismInit file it is very unlikely likely that anything would change unless at some point it breaks compatibility with PrismCore so.., yes it's hacky but it'll work. 🙂


If I'm wrong please correct me.

Since Prism is written purely in Python and the Prism scripts are meant to work in Python 2 and different versions of Python 3, it is totally fine to duplicate and rename the folder to python3.9libs.

I didn't notice any problems with this so far.

So good to see you around @richardf, hope everything is fine 🙂