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is it possible to add assets/shots (in bulk) batch from csv

in my case, i have two files (epxorted from kitsu)
shots csv file (seq,shot,description,frameIn,frameOut)
assets csv file(asset,type,description)

Q. is it possible to create assets / shots in Batch..?
hope to hear soon, thanks,haseeb

Currently there is no way to create shots automatically from a .csv file in Prism. You can write your own little python script though, which reads the csv and creates the shots.

You can create a shot in Prism through python like this:

import sys
import PrismCore
pcore = PrismCore.create(prismArgs=["loadProject", "noUI"])
pcore.entities.createShot(shotName="seq01-s020", frameRange=[1020, 1200])

thanks, really helpful