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Installing on MacOS X Monterey not working for me.

For context I'm on MacOS X Monterey on an m1 max macbook pro.

Tried copying the folder to Applications and running, that didnt work, placed the folder in the downloads ran it and got the same error, after you input the password it goes:

sudo: python: command not found
Prism/OSX_Setup_Integrations.command: line 14: python: command not found.

Any help?

Hello Luciano!

I have a macbook air M1, and I managed to make the integration work for maya. I didn't try with Blender. Couldn't make the standalone version of prism work. I suppose that Prism needs to ask mac OS for permissions to access files and folders which he never does.

The "installation" files did not help, as I did it a few months ago I don't remember the exact procedure. I think I added the needed prism files for maya by hand in order to make it work.

Send me an PM if you want, we can discuss on Discord or Twitter if you want 😉

Hey man, thanks, I think we best keep the conversation here so if more people face the issues they know where to go from here.


Now i'd love to hear from the author what's the way to make install the standalone in osx and the blender integration also.


I wonder if there is a beta build of prism 2.0 for mac to try...


I'm facing the same problem here. Any news about this?

No fixes for this or so it seems, and unfortunately the new Prism will be Windows only, an odd choice for a VFX pipeline tool. Of course I don't know his business model, but right now the tool is free, so it must be consulting for the VFX studios that will adopt the tool. I've worked on most of the major VFX houses around the world and I've only seen one company with a pipeline built around Windows. If they're going for the small studios maybe that's why, or it could be a German thing, maybe most German studios are on Windows? I'm sure he knows his market better than us. But it sure is a shame that Linux( only if there is enough requests) and Mac won't be supported. I'm currently looking into Ayon, which is a new version of OpenPype, they're building for all platforms, but is very complicated. Currently Prism is the only artist friendly pipeline tool.

You're spot on man, I've been in touch with the developers and working on a project currently with prism and mainly its for small studios and since its free they dont have the balance not the developers to support other platforms.

I'd be neat to find a workaround, I'm trying to figure out if I can somehow run it with crossover or something like that so at least I can sync and open the shots in osx, even if I cant use the integrations directly.


If you come up with a solution post it here. Would love to get it working again.

It's not a German thing 😉 Only a small fraction of Prism users are actually in Germany. However by far the most used version of Prism 1 was the Windows version.

In big studios Linux is the default for good reasons. Smaller studios tend to prefer Windows though and since that's the main audience for Prism, Windows is the obvious choice as our core development platform.

With Prism 2 we had to decide if we focus completely on the Windows version, which allows us rapidly develop new features, or if we develop for 3 platforms simultaneously, which would slow down the development of new features.

We decided to go with the first option, but that doesn't mean that there won't be a Linux or Mac version at some point. It just means we can quickly develop new tools and a great pipeline on one system and once that's in a great shape we can consider porting it to additional platforms.

Ha! Like I mentioned, you know your audience, we don't. I don't begrudge anyone for trying to make a dollar. I'm an American and a capitalist after all ? Prism is a tour de force in what we could call an esoteric, technical, but badly needed part of our process as artists, and an example of what is possible when you have the artists foremost in mind, that is obvious. I commend you for what you and your team have accomplished. My only hope is that eventually you'll get to those of us on OSX and Linux, hopefully no too long from now.