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Installing on MacOS X Monterey not working for me.

For context I'm on MacOS X Monterey on an m1 max macbook pro.

Tried copying the folder to Applications and running, that didnt work, placed the folder in the downloads ran it and got the same error, after you input the password it goes:

sudo: python: command not found
Prism/OSX_Setup_Integrations.command: line 14: python: command not found.

Any help?

Hello Luciano!

I have a macbook air M1, and I managed to make the integration work for maya. I didn't try with Blender. Couldn't make the standalone version of prism work. I suppose that Prism needs to ask mac OS for permissions to access files and folders which he never does.

The "installation" files did not help, as I did it a few months ago I don't remember the exact procedure. I think I added the needed prism files for maya by hand in order to make it work.

Send me an PM if you want, we can discuss on Discord or Twitter if you want 😉

Hey man, thanks, I think we best keep the conversation here so if more people face the issues they know where to go from here.


Now i'd love to hear from the author what's the way to make install the standalone in osx and the blender integration also.


I wonder if there is a beta build of prism 2.0 for mac to try...