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Installation error


Just tried to install Prism, but I'm getting an error:

Errors occurred.

/home/lukas/Prism_v1.2.0_Linux/Prism/PythonLibs/Python27/PySide/PySide/ undefined symbol: _ZNK11QThreadPool22createThreadPoolThreadEv

<type 'exceptions.ImportError'>


Any ideas how to solve this? I'm working on Ubuntu 18.10



I don't have Ubuntu 18 here to test it, but I guess the reason is that Ubuntu 18 ships with Python 3 by default. The Python libraries that come with Prism are working with Python 2.7 only.

You could install Python 2.7 and use that to install Prism or you could download the Python 3 version of PySide and replace the PySide library that comes with Prism.

I'll update the Prism installer in the future. Probably I'll have to make a separate Python 3 installer available to download to make it work smoothly.