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Initial testing


Am interested in testing prism and really like the work you have done so far.

Does Prism have a remember me option? or am I going to have to sign in every morning?

If I do not sign in I get a nag screen reminding me to sign everytime I launch 3dsmax.

This prism pop up is annoying (especially since there is no remember me option to permanently sign me in) but also stops max from opening --- this is not ok.

You should remove it or at a minimum it should never hold an application from opening a file.


Hello Patrick,

Prism should already remember your login. Other people would have complained about that already for sure if this wouldn't be the case for everyone.

So I guess this problem is specific to your computer. Does it remember the login for at least a little while? Does it remember the login after a restart?

I've seen that some universities reset their computers after a restart to a clean state, which would remove any files created by a user on the C:/ drive. Could that be the case for you?

You can also disable the PrismInternals plugin and all non-open-source plugins and then Prism will not ask you to login anymore.