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Import/Export problems

Congratulations on the software.
Versioning is perfect and so is everything else.
Everything is fine even when I export and import an asset for the first time.
Problems arise when I reopen a file after exporting it and edit it again. There is no way to use the same taskname and this means it does not version the import, but creates all tasks and files with different names. He adds "_ #" as he likes.
I use Windows 10 and version
I've tried to see in the documentation and tutorials, but it's only explained how to do it in general and only the initial part. I have not found any examples of modifying and updating a modified asset. Yet it is a fundamental function and should be better described.
Sometimes I randomly succeeded, even if it didn't update and I didn't understand how exactly it works. In fact I find myself stuff like NameMesh.001.
I am quite experienced and the fact that I was unable to solve the problem after many hours of very strenuous testing makes me think that there is something wrong.
Thank you in advance and hope to resolve these issues in order to continue using the software.

There was actually a bug, which caused the tasknames to change everytime you reload the export state. This is fixed now in v1.3.0.81. You can update to that version from the Prism Settings window.

Each export state creates a Blender collection with the same name as the taskname from the export state. Since collections need to have a unique name in Blender, Prism tried to rename the collection in case there was already a collection with the same name in the scene. That was a bit buggy.

Let me know if everything works fine now.


Ah, ok. So I'm very happy for being useful. I'll test soon the new version with feeedback for you here. Thank you very much for all!

The name of the Export is ok now. But, there're always problems about object name, so we haven't an update but a new 001 object. See the image attached.

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Alt! I haven't used the .blend format in Exportation. In this mode it works! Thank you very much! I continue to try.

If you create a second import state to import an alembic file, the imported objects won't replace any existing scene objects. To update your existing objects to a newer version use the "Import latest version" button on your first state. Eventually you want to turn off the "Alembic - update paths only" checkbox before importing a new version.