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htoa and prism when create geometry report error

hi Richard,

in houdini18.0.348    with  htoa-5.0.2  and   prism  ,when i create  geometry node report error

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "c:/cgcg/plugins/houdini/htoa/htoa-5.0.2_raba8949_houdini-18.0.348/htoa-5.0.2_raba8949_houdini-18.0.348/scripts/obj/", line 3, in <module>['node'])
File "c:/cgcg/plugins/houdini/htoa/htoa-5.0.2_raba8949_houdini-18.0.348/htoa-5.0.2_raba8949_houdini-18.0.348/scripts/python\htoa\", line 167, in initArnoldProperties
File "c:/cgcg/plugins/houdini/htoa/htoa-5.0.2_raba8949_houdini-18.0.348/htoa-5.0.2_raba8949_houdini-18.0.348/scripts/python\htoa\", line 111, in addArnoldProperties
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'setExpression'

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I get the same error in Houdini 18 and Arnold. But this error is caused by the Arnold plugin not not by Prism.

You can test this by removing the Prism integration from Houdini 18 in the Prism Settings dialog in the DCC Apps tab. After a restart Houdini will launch without Prism, but you will still get this error from the Arnold scripts. You can contact Autodesk and report that error. Hopefully they will fix it.