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How to handle Network paths


we use a NAS at the studio for our projects and that works great, we want to start using Prism but I noticed in my testing that file paths are absolute, and since we use Linux and Windows, that is a problem if a modeler imports a file exported from Maya or Blender into Houdini and then the Houdini artist opens the file, the path is a windows path.

Are there any options to handle this?

Thank you

Hey Varomix, welcome to the forum,

at the moment Prism uses absolute paths for all imports and exports, but adding on option for using relative paths shouldn't be to much work (at least in Houdini). I can have a look at that probably during the weekend. I'd prefer to use paths relative to the project folder instead of using paths relative to a scenefile. In the latest Prism version there is a $PRISMJOB variable created, which Prism could use in the filepaths.

Is this only a problem for you in Houdini or also in other DCCs? I think in Maya it would work similar, but in Blender there's no option to make paths relative to a folder so they would be relative to the Blender scenefile.

Hi Richard

at the moment I just tested between Blender and Houdini but yes, having a variable that knows the project folder would be useful in all apps, like Nuke for example, loading all the passes etc.

this and Blender plugin on Linux are the 2 things that are stopping us from using this.


Thank you