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Houdini17.5.391 Non-Commercial-----can not see prim's icon

Thank your great Prism.
After install Prism and changed DCCapp's setting to Houdini17.5.391. I can open it by Prism and can see it in shelf.
But can not see the icon.

How do i solve it, thanks.

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Are you using Prism v1.2.0.0? If yes, please try to remove the Prism Houdini integration, update Prism like explained here:

and then add the Prism Houdini integration again. That should hopefully fix your issue.

@richardf I had the same issue, and I found something :

The icon path of the shelf image is on C:/Prism/Scripts/ even if I installed it on a different hard drive

With the latest Prism version this shouldn't be the case anymore. Now Prism uses a package file to add the integration to Houdini and the shelf is defined in the Prism installation folder under: \Plugins\Apps\Houdini\Integration\toolbar\Prism.shelf without any hardcoded paths.

Maybe you installed an older Prism version first, which created a shelf with a hardcoded icon path and then you installed the new Prism version to a different location?

You can check in Houdini in which file the shelf is saved to. If it's not the Prism.shelf file then it's from the old Prism version and you can delete that shelf.