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Houdini: Submit multiple ROPs


first of all thank you so much for making this program. It was easier to get running than the commercial alternatives, and it looks great too.

I'm using Houdini, and it seems like you can only submit a single ROP at a time. You also need to manually enter the path, filename, frame range etc., even though that info is already in the ROP.

It would be a huge time saver if there was a way grab ROP data automatically, and even more awesome if you could submit multiple ROPs at once (by selecting multiple ones, or using a Render Merge node). But even just grabbing the data would be great, since you could fire off multiple jobs in quick succession.


Might be misunderstanding what you're trying to do, but you can do this in the State Manager. In the Export section you create a Render state, which is connected to a ROP. You will fire off whichever are checked when you hit publish or you can right click and trigger them individually. It fills the file paths etc on submission, not on creation, so you don't have to fill this out yourself. The default frame range is set to State Manager but you can set this to 'Node' to grab that info from the ROP.



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